Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Hard Life & Hard Work on the Thames

Dear Diary, Pouring and wretched it was today. Never have I witnessed such an ominous catastrophe in my entire apprenticeship. Seeing death himself before my very own eyes has caused great devastation upon me. For this day will haunt me for the rest of my life… Yesterday… Sharpened rain clattered viciously onto the metal roof of the tug as the black blanket covers the night. River Thames eerily whispers in the distance underneath the white pearl in the sky. I pulled thick and rough ropes to tie on the barges consequently causing tough callouses on my palm. Weary and feeble, I stumbled to the last barge on the left corner. Shedding a few tears of agony and distraught. Screams and shouts. Distant memories of my family dying 5 days ago in the deadly bombing. Wishing I could be with them. With the raging war transpiring it shouldn’t be a problem. Bill and captain are in the tug boat having tea whilst discussing funny moments in their lives. My funny moments were with my family, ha especially John. After 7:00 I read a book for 15 minutes before returning to the tug boat; to finish of my duties. Suddenly however, as I neared to the edge of the tug a bomb exploded nearby forcing the boat to tilt over. Drowning I swam up to the surface in search for air. Realising, yet again, I am isolated and by myself… Bill and captain didn’t make it… Poems Who I am Who I am Everyone knows me Yet No one knows me Working long hours Rowing all night I have no sleep in my might A day’s work finished I head to the pub Drinking Dinking Then Drinking Work’s hard But I will never hate it Love what I’m doing Otherwise why would I be doing it? Years on the river Years My only mate: the river Swish Swish Calming Love being a lighterman Jonathan.

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