Monday, 15 June 2015

Thames boat trip

On Friday 5th June 2015 the St George the Martyr year 6 class were lucky enough to ride a boat along the Thames.

We participated in a range of activities that a lighterman would have to complete on a daily basis. All of us played a game called, "Who Wants To Be A Weekend Millionaire” this refers to how lightermen were considered, “Weekend Millionaires” as they received a large pay check  on Fridays which was later spent at the weekend.

Bill the lighterman showed us how to tie a variety of different knots on a rope. He also told us a mnemonic which taught us to how to remember the order of the bridges in London. For example:











This is an example of a mnemonic, the first letter in each line is the first letter of a bridge.

Hammersmith Bridge

Putney Bridge

Albert Bridge

Vauxhall Bridge

Lancaster Bridge

Westminster Bridge

Waterloo Bridge

Blackfriars Bridge

London Bridge

Tower Bridge

While learning these interesting facts our class had an opportunity to admire the beauty of the river Thames. We travelled all the way out to Greenwich. As we passed through the river, we saw many bridges which we went under. The experience was overall an extraordinary day, which we will never forget. 

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