Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Visit to National Maritime Museum

On Tuesday we had a wonderful time at the National Maritime museum. We saw a range of artifacts including paintings of the Thames and model ships including a huge battleship. We went to see the curator who told us about London through the years and international trade.

We were lucky to see a royal barge that actually belonged to King Charles II we also learnt that many watermen and lightermen lost their jobs as more bridges were being built. During our visit we learnt that King Charles sent people to press gang watermen into joining the navy, However Doggett’s race winners could not be press ganged into joining the navy. We also saw a very famous ship called the Cutty Sark which was the last of the tea clippers.

After learning about this we went on to play an interactive game called world explorers. Nine of us travelled the globe collecting spices, penguins, crew members and various objects around the world

In conclusion, we had an amazing day at the museum and we would love to return to this historical building and we learnt a lot from this museum.

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