Friday, 12 June 2015

The day we went to the Docklands

The day we went to the Docklands

We went with the school to the museum of Docklands.

At the Docklands we saw a large boat and we were surprised about how big it was.  We met the son of a former lighter man called Peter Daniel.

We acted out a play script about lightermen But we were not allowed to speak.

My group(Me , Alfie, Josh and Fabian.)In the play we rescued the soldiers at the beaches of Dunkirk. We went around the museum and we saw models of the boats and docks.

I learnt that the first bridge that was ever made was London Bridge. Also I learnt that Henry VIII was the founder of Watermen and Lightermen. In 1972 there was a strike because Watermen and Lightermen didn’t earn enough money, to afford any food for their family.

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