Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Trip on the Thames

On Thursday 4th  of  June  Sav visited Westminster Cathedral Primary School and talked to us about our new history project on  Lightermen.This is the first time our school has learnt about this part of history. I was very excited to learn all about lightermen and the important role they played in the history of the Thames.
Trip on the Thames 

On our trip to the Thames we went on a boat called the Viscountess. It was an old original pleasure cruiser from the 1920s. We could see all around the Thames, we sailed all the way to Greenwich. Later on, we went down to the bottom of the ship to play a game called “Who wants to be a weekend millionaire?” The game was a quiz all about lightermen and we had to guess the right answer and collect more money. We all enjoyed the quiz 

After playing that game we went back up to the top to learn how to tie knots like the lightermen did.
When we did the knots we had groups that had turns to go to the back of the boat and see what it looked like and we could see other boats and we could also see other buildings around us. 

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