Thursday, 18 June 2015

Learning & Interviews

On Thursday year six (filming group) had to learn camera skills and had to interview two people on set.
We had learnt how to work with sound. We worked with gun microphones and mini microphone. Mini microphones are pegged on to your shirt a few inches away and they help to make there person who is speaking louder. Gun microphones are used for outside. We watched a video of an actor comparing them overall I think they are good in their own ways.
We also interviewed two lightermen there name where John and Dave. John's stories where excellent his wife came along with us and they showed us pictures of weather conditions of how Lightermen / Waterman/Dockers worked. Also she showed us a picture of the horizon that showed us how long Lightermen worked! It was an amazing experience!  I really enjoyed it we had another waterman / lightermen come in called Dave. He taught us something new! People in the class had thought Dockers and lightermen where not best of friends but he told us that they always had worked as a team.

So far I have enjoyed learning about lightermen.

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