Friday, 19 June 2015

Interesting Interviews

Today the year 6 film makers interviewed a lighter man –named Alan Petit, aged 74 – he had lots of interesting stories to tell us and these are a couple of stories the crew have told me. 

The first story was about him, his friend and a delicious pie. It was a typical day of work when Alan decided to buy some pies later he walked backed holding his bag of pies thinking he can share them with his mates. His friend appeared hungry so, Alan being nice and generous gave him a pie .He eyed the pie and threw it in the bin. “Oi what was that for?” Alan exclaimed” I thought you were hungry “. “I was hungry” “Here have one more pie” Alan replied. Alan’s friend glared at the pie and quickly threw it away. Alan had given up on his friend no more pies for him. The next story got Alan stuck in a very sticky situation. One day a friend of his had a jar of marmalade which he could’ve saved for later or spread on toast but no he just had to put it all over the controls. So Alan and some of his friends were stuck on the boat unable to do anything. What a sticky situation they had themselves their! All in all the whole day was very busy and interesting too. I loved hearing all about the fantastic stories, It makes me wonder even more about becoming a lighterman (oh wait I’m a girl.) 

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